Well That Escalated Quickly...

For starters I want to apologize, I’ve been busy… from the pics below you’ll see just how hectic it has been.


I went from a shell to something that resembles what the finished product will look like in just over a month. All the steps that went into this I learned on the go by troubleshooting and receiving help from a growing support network of Bus Lifers all across the country.

I started by de-rusting the entire floor of the bus. To be fair I knew that there wouldn’t be major rust problems so when the subfloor came up I was pleasantly rewarded by the confirmation of this. However, there were 2 sections that had rusted through completely, although smaller than the size of a fist, these were covered up with no problems at all. Everything else was just surface rust which came off with 7 hours of grinding using a wire brush and a handful of mates that came out to help.


I then needed to paint the floor with a rust converter just to be 100% certain that it would eradicate anything we might have missed. This was followed with a coat of Rust-Oleum just to seal her up once and for good. I was hoping that this would dry up alright due to the sub freezing conditions that we had to complete this in. Due to the fact that I have to finish this project by May it didn’t always offer the most favorable conditions to work with.


This was a momentous occasion, as after the rust had been dealt with, it was only construction from here… no more destruction.


Excitedly, I hurried to Home Depot with my friend to start loading up the first lumber of the build. The sub-floor and side studs went in quickly as there was a revamped energy surrounding now what we could actually call it a build. Following this the first layer of insulation went in which consisted of Reflectix on the bare metal followed by Rockwool Safe N Sound insulation.


Once this was done the wall studs could be erected which led to the installation of the walls being put up quickly too. Each one of these stages completely transformed the space, every time a friend would come out they commented on the fact that it looked closer and closer to resembling a living space.


The definitive moment when this happened was when the ceiling was finished, covering up all of the construction underneath. It made it look exactly how I wanted it to, the lines of the v-groove pine boards leading your eyes towards the back, inviting you towards the kitchen and beyond.

In between the wall studs being put up and the walls and ceiling going in I had to do all of the plumbing and electrical but I will fill you all in on all that on another blog soon.