How long did the build take?

The build took me from December 2018 until May 2019 while taking full time classes at Penn State and training full time on the track and field team. It wouldn’t have been possible to turn it around this quickly without the generosity and kindness of my friends, family and the local community.

How much did the build cost?

I budgeted $17,500 which was the average U.S. rent at the time. This means that it would pay itself off after a year and I would be able to start to reap the benefits of living rent free.

How many states have you been to?

As of August 2018 I have been to 47 states. The three remaining states are Hawaii, North Dakota and Oklahoma.

When did you start photography?

I started shooting my freshman year so 4 and a half years ago now. Since then I have worked with commercial partners and won a Hearst Journalism Award for my photographic work.