Sam Reiser is a photographer, adventurer and candid life philosopher. Born in the U.K. Sam moved to Australia when he was eight years old before pursuing a career in Track and Field at Penn State University in the United States. Since moving to America in 2015 Sam has become an outdoors enthusiast, traveling to 47 States, including three coast to coast road trips, and a spontaneous jaunt from Mexico to the Arctic Circle.

Sam graduated with a degree in Journalism and Psychology at Penn State while also winning a Heart Journalism Award his senior year. This was also at the same time he was continuing his athletic endeavors for the university’s Track and Field team. Sam has achieved a lot in his athletic career, competing at the World Junior Championships and winning a Big 10 title for Penn State. But while Sam respects these pursuits, he knows that a meaningful life encompasses more than the daily grind. And that’s why he values building relationships and engaging with unique, outdoors experiences.  

At his core, Sam is just a bloke who bought a bus and picked up a camera. At some point he resolved to drag his friends out of mundane routines and onto the road for the adventures of their lives. Today Sam’s goal is to inspire others to take the leap into adventure. He does this not by being a modern day Sir Edmund Hillary, but instead by being an ordinary guy doing extraordinary things. Sam’s greatest strength is not his fitness, nor his technical skills in the outdoors; his strength is his willingness to make dreams a reality, and to get amongst it every chance he gets.